by Ms. Purva Gulyani
Aug 30, 2016

Learning should never stop….because if it stops, your growth stops.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” Leonardo da Vinci

With this philosophy, I enrolled myself for a course with Monash University titled “Food as Medicine”. It was an interesting course, so thought to share some salient points with you all.

Food has been used a medicine since ancient times, in Asian and Indian civilization it has been written and talked about a lot. In fact most of the medicines in the ancient Indian pharmacopeia The Ayurveda are derived from common food items and herbs. The Indian food system, if followed simply is one of the healthiest diets. During this course also a lot of times emphasis has been given to Asian and Indian cooking ingredients.

When it comes to health, nothing can beat fresh food made in your own kitchen. No preservatives nor any artificial color or flavors. No synthetics, pure and if u are a health freak it can be organic also.

In today’s article I would like to talk a little about the Indian Food System, it is a very unique and a health friendly cooking practice. Indian’s prefer cooking each meal fresh, right from chopping the vegetables (frozen vegetables are also preferred to be avoided).

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